RAWMINA will develop an industrially scalable Mine Waste valorisation
pilot which involves:

  • Continuous operation

  • Excellent recovery and selectivity for Cobalt, Antimony, Germanium and Tungsten
  • Additional recovery of Gold, Silver and Iron-based by-products
  • Reutilising 90% of water
  • Treat up to 100-150 kg mine waste per day
  • Efficient, circular and robust process control


To achieve these aims, project activities include:

  • Mine Waste conditioning and characterisation
  • Optimising and upscaling innovative process technologies
  • Continuous bioleaching
  • Iron removal with magnetic separation
  • Selective recovery using Nanofibrous Composite Materials, Thermo-Desorption Process, Electro Winning and Electro Coagulation
  • Process simulation, System engineering & Demonstration