RAWMINA Partners Visit the Historic Rio Tinto Mines
Blanca Perdigones reports that the University of Seville (USE) team visited the facilities of Atalaya Mining S.A. at the start of February, which allowed them to disseminate the key aspects of the RAWMINA project to the company as a potential final user.
Annual Meeting of the Cluster Hub “Production of raw materials for batteries from European resources”
On Thursday, 16 November, during the 2023 edition of the Raw Materials Week, the twelve EU funded projects that constitute the Cluster Hub ‘Materials for batteries’ gathered for their annual event in Brussels.
14th European Congress of Chemical Engineering and 7th European Congress of Applied Biotechnology in Berlin (24-27/09/2023)
Twenty-first century mining: Environmental management at Cobre Las Cruces
Cobre Las Cruces (CLC), situated in the Seville province of Spain across the municipalities of Gerena, Salteras, and Guillena, is a leading example in the global mining industry when it comes to cutting-edge technology and environmentally responsible practices.
RAWMINA @ Recuperacion de Metales event organised by SusChem
RAWMINA's project coordinator, Sonia Matencio from Leitat Technological Center presented the RAWMINA project at the “Recuperación de Metales” event organised by SusChem on the 11th October 2023.
RAWMINA @ the 5th European Conference on Metal Organic Frameworks and Porous Polymers in Granada Sep 2023
RAWMINA @ICC2022+1 in Hiroshima, Japan
Akio Yamamoto from RAWMINA partner VTT presented in September 2023 at the 5th International Cellulose Conference in Hiroshima.
RAWMINA @Biomining ’23
Our partners BRGM and Universidad de Sevilla represented RAWMINA at the 11th International Symposium on Biomining (Biomining ’23) held at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.
Critical Raw Materials Act
The CriticalRawMaterials Act is a new legislation aims to secure the supply of essential raw materials for EU industries while promoting sustainable sourcing and Responsible Mining practices.