RAWMINA @ICC2022+1 in Hiroshima, Japan
Akio Yamamoto from RAWMINA partner VTT presented in September 2023 at the 5th International Cellulose Conference in Hiroshima.
RAWMINA @Biomining ’23
Our partners BRGM and Universidad de Sevilla represented RAWMINA at the 11th International Symposium on Biomining (Biomining ’23) held at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.
Critical Raw Materials Act
The CriticalRawMaterials Act is a new legislation aims to secure the supply of essential raw materials for EU industries while promoting sustainable sourcing and Responsible Mining practices.
Catch BRGM at SFGP Congress 2022
Catch RAWMINA partner BRGM at SFGP Congress 2022 in Toulouse,
EcotoxicoMic 2022
RAWMINA Project partner Universidad de Sevilla will be at the
IBS 2022
RAWMINA Partners Universidad de Sevilla and GEOS will join BRGM
Upcoming Event: Euromembrane 2022
RAWMINA Project Coordinator LEITAT will make an appearance at the
Mining and Minerals Hall (MMH)
RAWMINA will be attending the upcoming event Mining and Minerals
Upcoming Leitat Events
In South America, look for us (LEITAT Chile) at the